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Tip #7

Preventing bubbles: instead of shaking your nail polish, roll it between ur hands. shaking the nail polish can cause bubbles and then transfer those bubbles onto ur nails, and no one wants that. also, the first layer of polish should be pretty thin. then wait until the nail polish is completely dry, then you can put a little more for the second layer to get that pretty color of ur nail polish.

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it’s finally spring! yesterday was beautiful out so i was feeling a little inspired to do some flower nails. and it just so happened i got this white flower thingie sent with online clothing order so it worked out pretty well :) yea my flowers aren’t too great but i did what i could. i used a lot of essie and OPI. i really like the color on my right thumb-OPI You’re A Pisa of Work. but i pretty much love all the colors i used. 

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Tip #5&6

an easy way to remove nail polish:

grab a single cotton ball, start unraveling it (once you start, the cotton ball kinda unrolls naturally), rip it into 10 pieces (i can usually get at least 13-15 pieces), put some nail polish remover on the cotton pieces, and then put them on your nails. wait about 1-2 minutes (but make sure that they’re still wet or damp when you remove them otherwise not all the nail polish comes off), and then just press down gently at the top of your nail and slide it towards the bottom of your nail (top of your nail means the nail part that’s closest to your cuticles, and bottom of your nail is the part you clip when it gets too long). and viola! all ur nail polish should be gone. there might some remaining but most should be gone :)

next, the tip of a lead pencil is my best friend in making designs. it might look really thin/skinny, but your nails are small enough that it’s the perfect size, and you can always make something bigger. just put a dollop of whatever color and put it on a piece of cardboard (or anything that you can throw out preferably), and then dip the tip of the lead into the nail polish and design away!

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Jenn and I did our nails because she’s visiting me in Boston! This week was Easter themed. it took us 3 hours and then as soon as we woke up the next day, we had to finish them >.< it took FOREVER. but it was worth it because now they look fabulous. i couldnt put up the pic of my left hand alone because it gets cropped when i try to put it with other pics. :/ but yea look at our beautiful beautiful nails! we also used like 15 different nail polishes. 

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Tip #3

DO NOT shake your hands trying to dry your nails or by shaking the nail polish bottle because you want to mix up the nail polish (this is what I did). i have these weird little bubbles/bumps on my nails. and they’re kinda creeping me out… 

additionally, i bought essie turquoise and caicos because i read online it was close to the Tiffany’s blue…it is not. don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty nice color, but it’s too dark to be Tiffany blue. and I am on the search for THE best match. i dont understand why essie, opi, or china glaze, or zoya, or whatever, hasnt just come out with a polish that IS the Tiffany blue and named it, woah hold on for effect, Tiffany Blue! but in the meantime, if you have suggestions, let me know!

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alright, im DEFINITELY taking pics during the day….look how amazing and accurate the colors look vs. night time. oh…or maybe i’ll do a compare and contrast type thing. what they look like during the night time and what they look like during the day so if you ever need going out nails or day nails, you’ll know which polish to go for. hahaha i say this like i have a million followers or something. also, i wonder how this third finger and ring finger combo looks….its not terrible, but is it weird that two fingers next to each are the same color…? im going to try find a combo that is weird bc i dont think this one is that bad (think is the key word here). anyway, im also reading Peter Pan now bc i’m getting a tattoo from the book because i LOVE LOVE the Jeremy Sumpter version of this movie, it is one of my all time, watch it forever movies. anyway, have a nice day! 

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